Monday, February 6, 2012

Beauties and No Beasts

Having been spoiled with freshly baked artisan bread once Russ became our resident bread baker, my foray into the bread baking dominion was met with some trepidation.  But, check out these results.  Perhaps beginners luck?  A great stand mixer (Cuisinart)? Good bread flour (King Arthur)? A good oven?  A great recipe?  Whatever, I shake my head in surprise and giggle at the results with a butter knife and sweet butter in hand.
Baking With Julia - White Loaf

Monday Prep

After a wonderful week with girlfriends at Sundance, T sent me an email asking me to join her and 200+ friends from around the world to bake on Tuesdays.  So here I am on Monday, registered with, blog established, cookbook acquired and shopping list in hand to remind me to run to the store to purchase 'active' yeast, not 'rapid' rise which Russ normally uses to prep his artisan bread.  Let the baking begin.